You Won’t Believe What Kangana Ranaut Will Play In Teju!


Kangana Ranaut will be playing Teju, an old lady.

Kangana Ranaut’s teaser for her film Simran has won many hearts. But Kangana Ranaut has a lot more in her kitty. The young actress is all set to be a producer. The actress has her own production house called Manikarnika. The production unit has started working on its first film called Teju.

The film Teju will be shot in Himachal Pradesh. Kangana Ranaut grew up in the hills and has strong memories about the cloud covered peaks and the narrow ghats that lead up to them. She promises to give the viewers a visual treat of the culture filled Himalayas. She feels that mainstream cinema has unexplored the beauty of the place that would make good cinematography

Kangana Ranaut spoke to Mumbai Mirror about her character Teju, she said,”Yes, I will play an 80-year-old woman in my first directorial, Teju,”

Yes, this will also be the first film directed by Kangana Ranaut. She will be playing the character of an 80-year-old woman who is nearing death but is not ready to die. When Kangana was asked about the character she said, ”She is a warm, vibrant woman, full of life, who doesn’t feel old at all.” The film will speak of mortality and afterlife. The film will speak volumes about death through the character of Teju.

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The story of the film is still under the pen. The shooting will start in December and the film is set to release in 2018. The movie will be produced under Kangana Renaut’s own Production house called Manikarnika films. The film will be co-produced with Sailesh Singh, the producer of Kangana’s past films Tanu Weds Manu and it’s sequel and Simran, which is yet to release.

Kangana draws her inspiration for the character from her own great grandmother. Kangana was raised by her great grandparents who were in their 80s at that time. She spent quality time with them and remembers them greatly. She feels irked by the current treatment of the society towards grandparents these days.

Kangana added that it would be a learning experience to feel like an 80-year-old when she is still in her 30’s. It will also be a great visual treat to see the young and dazzling Kangana Ranaut look old and experienced as Teju.

We will see Kangana Ranaut on screen as Praful Patel in the movie Simran scheduled to release on September 15.

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