Raveena Tandon’s Social Message Will Surely Leave An Impact On You!


Raveena Tandon feels that celebrities can inspire people to indulge in social work.

Raveena Tandon has devoted a lot of time and money to social causes like (PETA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and (UNICEF) The United Nations Children’s Fund.

The actress was last seen in the movie Maatr that was liked by film critics and will soon be seen in the movie Shab which will release on 30th June. Raveena Tandon spoke about why actors should speak to the public about their social issues and social work.

She said that celebrities are influential personalities and their doings will be followed by many. She compared it to the way peers inspire fellow peers to do a task. She mentioned that a celebrity portraying generosity will cause a greater financial collection and help in spreading awareness among the masses quicker. She thinks that spreading awareness in itself is a form of charity to society.

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Recently, she has been raising funds for (IDA) In Defence of Animals. Raveena Tandon has been the brand ambassador for three years. The association works for stray animals and provides facilities such as sterilization and rehabilitation. One can also adopt a rescued animal as a pet form here.

Raveena Tandon has starred in films that that are based on the society like Maatr, which was about crime against women, Daman, a film on domestic violence and Satta a film of politics. However, she does not rely on her films alone to strike an impact on society as a film can have a positive and a negative impact as well.

Raveena Tandon’s advice to celebrities if practised, will benefit society. Films and actors are a medium to communicate to the various people of the society. They should try and associate with social work organisations or take up advertisements that preach about social issues. This way the issues and organisations will be promoted, recognised and supported by the people. Their positive actions can influence people to change their ways for the betterment of the society.

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