Wow! This Bigg Boss Contestant Comes Out Strong In Support Of Salman Khan


PoojaBedi-SalmanKhan-BLUR(1)PoojaBedi-SalmanKhan[tps_footer]As we all know how Salman Khan once again is in controversy and this time for the statement that he made on rape. During a group interview for his upcoming film Sultan, Salman Khan said that after hectic training session he felt like a ‘raped woman’. Soon his statement triggered controversy on social media and even some women activists demanded an apology from the actor. The National Commission for Women has given him seven days to Salman to issue a public apology. Not only that, father Salim Khan also took to twitter to apologise on behalf of his family, fans, and friends.

While the Bollywood fraternity is staying away to comment anything on the issue, Bigg Boss fame and actress Pooja Bedi came in support of the actor. Pooja Bedi, who once had some problems with Salman Khan, this time, came in defence of him over the ‘raped woman’ comment controversy.

She took to twitter saying, “Is the Salman Khan controversy justified? If I say I feel as fat as an elephant, will PETA file a case? Is India getting oversensitive?”

Here’s what she has tweeted in the series of her tweets:

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Well, while Salman Khan is being criticized for his insensitive comments, many claimed that the actor has been quoted out of context, which is unfair. Reportedly, during the interview, Salman realized that he made and insensitive remark and took his back words. In fact, all the journalists made sure that this wouldn’t be quoted. However, a journalist failed to stay with the words and that’s how it turned into a controversy, though Salman acknowledged that he made mistake unintentionally.[/tps_footer]