Yo Yo Honey Singh Reveals How He Creates His Tunes


The musician reveals that he still prefers to compose his tunes on the harmonium and then uses the sound mixer.

Yo Yo Honey Singh is not just a name in the Indian music industry but a revolution in itself. He is the one who in the true sense brought the western music to India. He could be termed solely responsible for changing the way we listen to music.

It is astonishing to acknowledge that all the blockbusters like Brown Rang, Dop Shope, Blue eyes etc were first composed on his harmonium and then finally reworked on the sound music to get the final tune. The musician till date uses the same routine to create his tunes.

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Throwing light on the same the music star said, “When I started making tunes, I just had a harmonium back then, I used to practice different melodies and songs on it. Over the time, it almost became a habit. Also, I feel that if a melody sounds on a harmonium then it comes alive when it’s made later.”

Yo Yo Honey Singh also shared his future plans and said, “I’ve been working on few tunes and will soon come up with its release; the release is not yet decided. I am engrossing myself into hearing more and more melodies from across the globe. I’ve developed an eclectic taste and love the nature of melodies that music from various regions has to offer!”

The music sensation has a knack for new forms of music and constantly tries to present something new to the audience.

The trendsetter has given the audience major chartbusters that still form the favorites in our party playlist.

Honey Singh has been winning hearts with his sensational party anthems like High Heels, Blue Eyes, Lungi Dance, Dope Shope, Desi Kalakaar, Angrezi Beat to name a few and has truly become one of India’s most loved music artists.

With Yo Yo Honey Singh’s new song coming up, his fans are eager to hear from him again. His dedication and hard work promise to render yet another chartbuster hit.

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