Aamir Khan’s IMAX Dreams For ‘Dhoom 3’ Cost A Whopping Rs 2 Crore?



MUMBAI: Aamir Khan is sure going all out to ensure his upcoming release, ‘Dhoom 3’ is a super hit even before its release. For which, he is leaving no stone (neither financial, nor manual) unturned!

A while ago, we broke the news that Aamir Khan was keen to have the trailer of ‘Dhoom 3’ release in IMAX format (SEE FULL STORY HERE)

And now, it has been learnt that the modified trailer has inflated the budget of the film by nearly Rs 2 crore!

Arguably the best format to watch action films in IMAX is known to be a stellar technology. Usually Hollywood blockbusters in the recent past have adhered to this format. But now, a Bollywood film for the very first time, will be releasing in IMAX.

Aamir Khan, who plays the role of a villain in the film, was reportedly extremely keen to whet the audiences’ appetites for the film, which releases on  December 20, 2013, by converting the trailer to IMAX as well. This modified trailer will release on October 30, 2013.

Naturally, this conversion cost the film’s maker an added amount of time and heavy costs.

Said a spokesperson of Yash Raj: “‘Dhoom 3’ is the first Hindi film to release in IMAX. Therefore to give a glimpse of what to expect, we are releasing the theatrical in IMAX.”

The source added, without revealing the actual figure involved for the IMAX trailer: “Obviously there is a cost involved.”

Well, we sure will have to wait and watch to see whether Aamir’s IMAX dreams bear fruit.