Kick Goes The Jai Ho Way, Get’s Sold At Exorbitant Prices

salman khan kick kick teaser main Kick[tps_footer]It isn’t surprising that Salman Khan’s Kick is getting sold at exorbitant prices. Jai Ho too saw similar numbers but disappointed many. Despite that, people’s faith in his films is intact. It is heard that Kick is getting some really great numbers for the producers.

The film was sold for Rs. 8.5 crore to Rajasthan which is only a Crore less than Dhoom 3’s price. For West Bengal, the film went for Rs 6.11 Crores. The data comes from a website which also claims that the numbers are close to Dhoom 3 and more than Chennai Express.

It is amazing how Salman Khan has managed to rule the industry by churning out same kind of films again and again. It all started with Wanted in 2009 and is still on. The films that followed have been poor in content and some were borderline corrosive to mind. Dabangg made him the Robinhood Pandey, while Ready made him absurd. Bodyguard was ludicrous while Ek Tha Tiger was repulsive. Yet they are some of the biggest blockbusters of Indian cinema.

Jai Ho did threaten to dent his golden run at the Box Office, but a lot of hope is levied on Kick which, according to trade experts, is going to be a winner.[/tps_footer]