Bigg Boss 10, Day 8 Highlights: Celebs Become Maalik, Open Nominations War, Indiawale Cut-off Swamiji From The Team



Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 saw tension among the housemates during open nominations process. 7 contestants-Akansha Sharma, Manveer Gujjar, Mannu Punjabi, Nitibha Kaul, Rohan Mehra, Gaurav Chopra and Monalisa have been nominated for the second week’s eviction. Also, pressure was seen building among the commoners of the house as they have lost their “Maalik” status. It seems Indiawale have lost their own bonding  and are seen fighting among themselves only.


The first fight started between Mannu and Lokesh over cooking and a cup of tea. Both of them call each other liar during their heated argument. Later, commoners slam Om Swami for not following the rules of the task after he uses the gym equipment without the permission of “Maalik”. That’s not all, Navin, Mannu and Manveer bash Swamiji, saying that he is not trustworthy. Well, commoners are annoyed at Om Swami as he is, safe from nominations.


Amid everything, celebrity contestants get concerned over the growing closeness between Mona and Mannu. Karan Mehra, Bani, and others let Mona know that how Mannu is getting close and touchy with her.


The new drama will unfold in the tomorrow’s episode during the new luxury budget task, “BB laundry”. The face-off between commoners and celebrity contestants leads to an ugly fight between both the teams. From snatching clothes to hitting each other, the housemates go to every extent to do the task. But well, after Rahul Dev and Mannu get physical in the task, Bigg Boss cancels the task.

Now it remains to see how nominated contestants react throughout the week in the fear of getting evicted.

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