Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: You Won’t Believe What Bigg Boss Did During New Luxury Budget Task!


This season of Bigg Boss 10 is all about drama, controversies, and fights. However, the interesting tasks given to the contestants each week keep audience entertained and make us watch the show more. But in this season, it seems the contestants do not want to perform the tasks wholeheartedly. The new task was the major let down for Bigg Boss.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Bigg Boss introduced a new luxury budget task of the week called, “laundry.” The task was a face-off between commoners and celebrities of the house. But it was the biggest disappointment as the housemates did not follow the right rules to do the task. We give an exclusive sneak peek that in tonight’s episode you will see how Bigg Boss slams housemates for not performing the task in a right way. As the contestants ruined the task given, Bigg Boss cancels the task. Yes, the task went phut!

Well, it remains to see what action Bigg Boss takes further and that if a new task is introduced or the housemates have to face some punishment for their mistakes.

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