Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi And Priyanka Jagga Snatch Away Most Important Thing From Bani!

One can’t expect things to go their way inside Bigg Boss 10 house as things and game change here every minute. Just in a week, the show took drastic twists and turns, changing the whole game of the housemates. Manu Punjabi, who made an emergency exit is back again but has been sent to the secret room. Also, Priyanka Jagga who got evicted from the show in the double eviction is currently in the secret room with Manu.  While the two are keeping a watch on the inmates from the secret room, things inside the house are changing.

But now, Bigg Boss has given a golden opportunity to Priyanka and Manu to rule the house from the secret room itself. In tonight’s episode, you will see, Bigg Boss introduces a new task for the week in which the housemates will be asked questions. Each of them has to lock their answers through a poll but hold on, there’s a twist in the game.

Yes, while the housemates will be playing the task in the living area of the house, Manu and Priyanka Jagga will play an important role in the game. The decision of every question will be taken only by Manu and Priyanka, which housemates are not aware of. The contestants stay in a wrong impression that the results of each question have been taken by them through the poll, but the reality is not that.


One of the questions read, “Bani Ko Gym Ka Istemaal Karene Se Turant Ban Kar Diya jaaeye- Yes/No? (should Bani be banned from using the gym?) As expected, Manu and Priyanka Jagga mutually decided to answer “Yes”, which means she can’t use the gym.

We all know, VJ Bani loves working out and makes sure to never skip her gym even inside the house.  Bani has been body shamed for being muscular but nothing has ever stopped her from doing what she loves to do. Well, taking away the gym from her did not go well with Bani and she slammed housemates for doing so but the truth is, Manu and Priyanka Jagga have banned her from using the gym.