Bigg Boss 10: Monalisa And Gaurav Chopra Get Intimate In Bathtub, Here’s How Manu Punjabi Reacted!



Manu Punjabi has finally entered the secret room of Bigg Boss 10 house with Priyanka Jagga and also, the equations inside the house are seen changing. With each passing day, the show is taking drastic twists and turns and the coming episode of the show will raise your eyebrows. Bigg Boss introduces a new task and guess what? While the task will be played among the housemates inside the house, Manu Punjabi and Priyanka Jagga will have the power to decide the results of the task.

Yes, housemates will be asked some questions by Bigg Boss and they have to lock their answers through a poll but they aren’t aware that the final decisions of their questions are being taken by Manu and Priyanka from the secret room. The duo gets golden opportunity to rule the house from the secret room. Now that’s an interesting twist!

One of the questions was, “Which two housemates should get into the Jacuzzi? Manu and Priyanka mutually decide Gaurav and Mona’s name for the same. As per the task, Gaurav Chopra and Mona Lisa get into the Jacuzzi and their hot chemistry leaves housemates surprised. Mona gets into her swimsuit while Gaurav goes shirtless in the Jacuzzi and as they get into it for some fun, housemates gather in the washroom area to see them.

But Manu’s reaction to if from the secret room was quite shocking. CLICK NEXT TO READ HOW MANU REACTED TO MONA AND GAURAV’S HOT BATHTUB DANCE!