Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi REVEALS This Quirky Former Contestant’s Entry!


As we all know, Bigg Boss 10 contestant Manu Punjabi had made an emergency exit due to the sudden demise of his mother. Manu was informed about the sad news after he stepped out of the Bigg Boss 10 house. Well, Manu Punjabi had to be with his family during this difficult time but now on his personal decision, Manu Punjabi has entered the house again. After spending a week outside the house, Manu is back in the game and was sent to the secret room. He joined Priyanka Jagga in the secret room before entering the inside the main house.

While the duo was inside the secret room, Manu had a good time talking to Priyanka about the outside world. During their conversations, Manu even went on to reveal that this former Bigg Boss contestant will be entering the house for a week. Wondering who is entering the house?


Hold on, before you jump to the conclusion, Manu Punjabi was talking about Imam Siddique’s entry but that was just a joke. At first, Manu tells Priyanka that Imam will enter for a week inside the house. When Priyanka questioned him if he is serious about it, Manu replied saying that he was kidding, but if Imam enters the house, it will be fun due to his past stints inside the house. The duo also discuss that how Imam was scary in the house and wore skinny clothes to entertain the audience. Manu even questions Priyanka, “tu Imam se jyada bhaari pad jaaegi?” To which Priyanka replies, “of course.”

We wonder what if this really happens. What do you think? Share your views in the comments section below.

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