Bigg Boss 10: Romance Is In The Air Between Monalisa And Manu Punjabi!

The controversies and drama are no different in the 10th season of Bigg Boss! Two weeks into the show and the contestants are up with their strategies. As we saw how the growing closeness between Monalisa and Manu Punjabi has become a talking point inside Bigg Boss 10 house. The two look comfortable in each other’s company and it seems, there is something brewing between Manu and Monalisa.  From spending time in the lawn to flirting with each other, Mona and Manu are grabbing all the limelight over their proximity.

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss will surely raise many eyebrows after Monalisa kisses Manu during the new luxury budget task, “Raja and runk”. Yes, that happened! In the tonight’s episode, you will see how Monalisa suddenly runs and hugs Manu from behind and kisses him on the cheek. Now that’s going to deep!

Well, Bigg Boss is not only about planning, plotting, fights, and drama. It is also known for friendships and relationships that we have seen since seasons. If this is a tactic between Manu and Monalisa to remain strong throughout the show that only time will tell.

In fact, in the recent episode of Bigg Boss, Manu had confessed to Monalisa that he is already engaged. When Monalisa asked him what her fiancé would think of him flirting with her. Manu had a very frank answer saying that if not her (Monalisa) then he can flirt with anyone in the house to be in the game. Now that’s surprising!


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