Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Celebrity Team Gets A Secret Task By Bigg Boss And It’s Interesting!

With each passing day, it is something very unusual in the store for Bigg Boss 10 contestants on the show. From nominations to luxury budget tasks and lots more, the housemates have to deal with everything inside the house. Well, post nominations, there is a lot of heated environment in the house and to make the game more interesting, Bigg Boss introduces a new luxury budget task of the week.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal Bigg Boss introduces new task called, “Raja and Runk” in which, celebrity team will be seen as “Runk” while Indiawale will be seen as “Raja”. Every member of the team has been assigned a particular role in the task.  Raja of the task will be Om Swami while Rajkumar will be Manveer Gujjar. Nitibha Kaul will play the role of Rajkumar’s wife and Lokesh will play the role of Raja’s daughter. Navin will be seen as the son-in-law of Raja and Manu as the uncle (maama).

Sound interesting, isn’t it?

On the other hand, celebrities will also be seen playing a particular role allotted by Bigg Boss. Gaurav Chopra will be seen as an adviser of Raja, Lopamudra and Karan Mehra will be seen as cooks, Rohan will play the role of an entertainer, Bani will be seen as a bodyguard and Rahul Dev-Monalisa are the sevaks of the house.

Well, that’s not all! We also exclusively reveal some more secrets and twists of the task that have been given to celebrity team by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss has given 11 secrets to celebrity team along with one digital camera. After successfully completing every round of the task i.e 11 secrets, the celebrity team has to click one photo secretly as a proof. Yes, the team “Raja” should not be aware of their secret task.

This task is surely going to create new drama in the house but we are all set for another entertaining episode! How about you?

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