Bigg Boss 10: Post Eviction Elena Kazan Makes Some Strong And Bold Statements About VJ Bani!


German-Russian actor and wild card entrant Elena Kazan had a very short journey inside Bigg Boss 10 house but surely worth experience. Elena made some friends inside the house and also had an experience of performing rigorous tasks. Elena, who got evicted from Bigg Boss 10 show is happy on being a part of the show and also has someone as a winner in her mind. Any guesses who he/she is?

In a recent interview, post eviction, Elena shared about Bani and Lopamudra’s friendship and also spoke that how VJ Bani is misunderstood on the show. CLICK NEXT TO READ MORE!vj-bani-bigg-boss-1

In a chat with, Elena said, “I want Bani to win. She is a wonderful person but people take her the wrong way because she is quite direct.”

Click next to read what Elena has to say about Lopamudra and Bani’s bitter friendship!lopa

Elena thinks Bani is strong enough and is straightforward this is why people don’t like her. Giving an example of Lopa and Bani’s fight, Elena said, “That’s why the fight between Lopa and her happened because Bani just asked her to do a few things and Lopa felt bad and thought, ‘How could Bani talk to me like that!’ But I understand Bani completely. She is tough but very emotional. She is sweet, supportive and loyal. I like her a lot.”

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Elena said, “I am glad that I could experience something like this. The show is very interesting. I met some wonderful people. I don’t really think it will help me in my career but I am grateful for the experience. A lot goes behind making the show and I have respect for the makers after participating in it.”

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