Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga Knows One Dirty Secret About Rohan Mehra- Read Here!


The atmosphere in controversial Bigg Boss 10 house has heated up already with fights between celebrity contestants and commoners. The commoners, who are the ‘maalik” of the house, are leaving no stone unturned to pressurise and trouble the celebrities. Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss was unbelievable and shocking after Priyanka Jagga revealed some dark secrets of Rohan Mehra.

While everyone was about to sleep at night, Priyanka ordered Rohan to get a glass of water for her.  Mistakenly, a little water spilled on Priyanka’s clothes, which created an ugly fight between the two. Priyanka crossed all the limits and blackmailed Rohan, saying she will reveal all the secrets of him. Priyanka made one shocking statement in front of everyone about Rohan.

She said, “tuje mein jaanti hu jabse to zero that…batau uss raat ki baat.” (I know you since you were zero in career, should I reveal the secret of what happened that night?

Priyanka also sent Rohan in the jail as a punishment for not following her order and for behaving badly. After housemates convinced her to remove Rohan Mehra out of the jail, Priyanka asked Rohan to come out of the jail after 5 minutes.

We wonder what secret Priyanka is talking about Rohan and with time, we are sure nothing would stay hidden in the Bigg Boss house. Well, since day 1, Priyanka Jagga and Manoj have been trying to create controversies and it seems finally they have been successful. The entertainment level is surely at the peak and the controversies will heat up more in the house.

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