Bigg Boss 10: Swamiji Once Again Irks Lopamudra Raut, Here’s What Housemates Will Do!


It seems Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swamiji is in the house with all his strategies to pass personal comments and trouble the housemates. In tonight’s episode, we saw how Swamiji threatened celebrity contestant Lopmudra Raut, which left every housemate angry. In fact, Bigg Boss called Swamiji inside the confession room and gave him last warning to not uses any threatening words on national television.

But it seems, Swamiji is in no mood to let housemates stay in peace. In tomorrow’s episode, you will see Swamiji once again passing a mean comment on Lopamudra and she definitely gives it back. Well, this time, he goes beyond everything and makes a harsh comment that makes every housemate go against him.

In tomorrow’s episode, you will witness how Gaurav Chopra, Manjo Punjabi and other contestants of the house discuss about Swamiji‘s behavior towards Lopamudra. They all discuss on how Swamiji has crossed his limits and there should be some action taken against him.

Well, nobody in the house is ready to take his tantrums while Swamiji is trying to take center stage with his such annoying behavior.

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