Bigg Boss 10: These Inside Photos Of Salman Khan’s Grand Chalet Will Make You Jealous!


cuz5pdrumaqawqd The controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 10 with star host Salman Khan is all set to start from today, Sunday, October 16, 2016, at 9 pm. While the show is just a few hours away from the premiere launch, we have a sneak peek into the house of Salman Khan’s house. The lavish home or chalet near Bigg Boss 10 house in Lonavala is every bit of grand, where Salman Khan will be living during the weekends. Like every year, Salman Khan’s chalet is designed according to the latest season and actor’s choice.

One can see in the photos, from the garden area to the gym, kitchen, living area, dressing room, king size bedroom, every corner of the house has been designed beautifully in the color combination of dark brown and cream. Well, it’s known to all that Salman Khan lives a simple yet classy lifestyle and keeping that in mind, the makers of the show have designed the house. The interior of the chalets is to die for!

One can also notice in the pictures, be it a living room or gym or his bedroom, the walls of chalet have Salman Khan’s photo frames. One can notice, the classy and stylish huge photo frame of Salman on the wall. That’s the most eye-grabbing thing!

This is leaving us jealous, how about you?

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