Bigg Boss 10: Twitterati Has A SHOCKING Reaction To Priyanka Jagga’s Eviction!


Commoner Priyanka Jagga’s elimination from Bigg Boss 10 house came as a surprise to everyone as she was the only one who managed to create the stir throughout the week. From picking up fights to harassing the housemates for no reasons, Priyanka did it everything in a week. Usually, it happens, that controversial contestants survive till long for the huge TRPs of the show but Priyanka‘s eviction was surprising. As soon as we announced that Priyanka Jagga, one of the commoners in Bigg Boss 10 has been evicted, viewers seemed to be happy but they also had a fear of her returning back.

The marketing recruiter’s short journey inside the house grabbed all the limelight. In fact, she earned haters than fans after her eviction. During the weekend ka vaar episode, Salman Khan asked Priyanka what went wrong, she replied, “Janta ne dekha hoga ki mai nahi khel rahi thi sahi. Zyada ho gaya shayad.

Well, viewers eagerly wanted her to be out of the show and as soon as she got evicted, we came across some strong reactions against Priyanka. Check out how viewers and Bigg Boss fans reacted to Priyanka Jagga’s eviction!