This Is How Bigg Boss 10 Viewers Have Reacted To Priyanka Jagga’s Behaviour Inside The House!


Bigg Boss 10 has exposed the real self of many contestants inside the house. It’s been just a week and the contestants have started showing their real colors, especially commoners. One of them is commoner Priyanka Jagga, who has become a big pain for everyone. The controversial lady has been throwing tantrums since day 1. In fact, she deliberately indulges into fights with everyone in the house. She crossed all the limit when she had an ugly fight with Rohan Mehra. From using disgusting and insulting words for the housemates to creating ugly fights, Priyanka Jagga got herself in the limelight. In yesterday’s episode, Priyanka Jagga, who is the mom of two kids, stoop to a new level and made VJ Bani to wash her clothes that she had peed into during a task.

But Priyanka has no idea that she has earned haters outside with her intolerant behavior. Here’s how Twitterati reacted to Priyanka Jagga’s stint in the house. Also, let us Exclusively reveal, Priyanka Jagga is EVICTED from the show in first week’s eviction. Watch Bigg Boss 10 eviction  special with Salman Khan tonight at 9PM.

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