Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Sneak Peek: Salman Khan Slams Swamiji And Priyanka Jagga


From day 1, Swamiji has emerged as a troublemaker inside Bigg Boss 10 house.  From threatening Lopamudra to questioning Akansha’s intention towards Gaurav, Om Swami has crossed every level to annoy housemates. He has become a big pain for every celebrity inside the house and we wonder how housemates are surviving with his continuous blabber. Well, as we all know nobody is spared inside Bigg Boss house if done wrong.

The first-weekend episode of the show is all set for tomorrow and we bring some sneak peek. Star host Salman Khan interacted with every contestant of the house and also took the case of some. At first, Salman took opinion and views from each contestant and later slammed Swamiji. Salman Khan bashed Swamiji saying he can’t threaten housemates and that he should know what he is doing.

Later, Salman also takes the case of Priyanka Jagga when she complains of celebrities having lots of tantrums and that how VJ Bani needs “please” and “sorry”  for everything.

On her this statement, Salman questioned Priyanka if she teaches her kids to use words like “sorry”, “please” and “thank you”. Priyanka Jagga also breaks down while talking to Salman.

Well, the weekend episodes are going to be full of fun and entertainment with our Bhaijaan! How excited are you? Share your views in the comments section.

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