Bigg Boss 10: You Won’t Believe What Housemates Have To Do Next To Buy Luxury Budget Items!


After an emotional nominations task in Bigg Boss 10 house in which the housemates had to save themselves at the stake of someone’s parcel, Bigg Boss has introduced new luxury budget task. It’s time for the housemates to earn their luxury items, but this time, quite differently. Tonight, Bani will be reading out the task letter, which leaves housemates laughing out loud. Might be because of her poor Hindi reading!

The luxury budget items will be kept in the garden area on a table. The items would be right in front of them but they can’t get it all so easily. To earn the luxury budget items, one housemate has to lift one item at a time from the mouth and pass it on to the other in the same manner. The last person holding the item from the mouth has to drop it on the empty table. This way the housemates have to earn as many as food items they can.

The task will surely bring some fun and entertainment in the house. Moreover, it would be interesting to see how housemates do this task.

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