Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Here’s What Monalisa’s Boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot Did After Entering The House!


The controversial Bigg Boss 10 house is a place where one can only expect the unexpected. Relationship and things change in seconds inside the house and it is bound to happen as the contestants are locked up for more than three months with no connection to the outer world. This year, Monalisa and Manu Punjabi grabbed all the eyeballs over their closeness with each other. But things changed after Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot entered the house during the family task. Their closeness left their respective partners insecure.

The Bhojpuri actress gave the impression that she was getting close to Manu Punjabi till a series of dramatic events led to Vikrant’s surprise entry during the family task. Well, as earlier we revealed, Vikram Singh Rajpoot will now enter the house to marry his ladylove on the national television. Yes, you read that right! The makers have planned to host Vikrant and Monalisa’s wedding inside the house.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Vikrant has already entered the house, leaving everyone surprised. The housemates were quite in shock to see him inside the house and were clueless over his entry. After entering the house, Vikrant Singh did the most important thing that left housemates to jump with joy. CLICK NEXT TO READ!