Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: You Won’t Believe How The New Captain Of The House Will Be Selected!


After Bigg Boss 10 contestants lost the luxury budget task of the week, we EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Bigg Boss introduced a new captaincy task. It’s an end for Lopamudra Raut’s one week of captaincy and the housemates have geared up for the race to become a new captain of the house. This time, the housemates have been introduced with a unique captaincy task.

An Igloo House, also known as snow hut has been placed in the garden area of the Bigg Boss 10 house. Every time when there will be a sudden storm inside the house, the contestants have to run and hide themselves into the igloo house. The one, who will be last to enter the igloo house, will be out of the captaincy race. This will happen repeatedly and after every buzzer, the housemates have to run to secure their place inside the igloo house. Isn’t this an amazing task?

We also reveal that the contestants are currently playing the captaincy task and the two contestants are already out of the race. Any guesses who two are out of the captaincy race? CLICK NEXT TO KNOW!