Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi’s Strange Reaction After Knowing Vikrant Singh Rajpoot To Marry Monalisa!


The entire nation is going to witness Bigg Boss 10 contestant Monalisa marrying her longtime boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot inside the house tomorrow. Vikrant proposed Monalisa earlier today, leaving her totally surprised. She was taken aback after she saw Vikrant on his knees in the activity area of the house. The duo then steps in the garden area of the house and that’s when Bigg Boss makes an official announcement about Mona and Vikrant getting married.

On hearing this, everyone starts jumping with joy and they start congratulating Mona. Also, Vikrant reveals to everyone that he will stay inside the house for two days. He reveals that he will be in the house for next two days, which means probably till tomorrow. Amid all the celebration there is something very strange about one contestant. Yes, we are referring to Manu Punjabi.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal Manu Punjabi is very silent since Vikrant has entered the house. In fact, Vikrant initiated first to talk and even hugged Manu Punjabi. The weird behavior of Manu Punjabi is slowly coming to everyone’s notice and you will catch the same in the tomorrow’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 house. Does this mean that Manu is unhappy with the things happening inside the house? Only time will tell!

Well, Manu and Monalisa’s closeness with each other had grabbed all the limelight. The Bhojpuri actress gave the impression that she was getting close to Manu Punjabi till a series of dramatic events led to Vikrant’s surprise entry during the family task. Vikrant had entered the house and slammed Manu Punjabi for making some personal comments on him and also warned Monalisa to maintain distance from Manu as it is giving a wrong impression outside. Since then, Manu and Mona have maintained a good distance and surviving in the house as good friends.

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