EXCLUSIVE Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan Lashes Out At Manu Punjabi For This Reason!


We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Salman Khan questioned Manu Punjabi that what made him support Om Swami and release him from the jail during the “Adaalat” task. The actor slammed Manu for encouraging Om Swami despite knowing that it would be harmful to the others in the house if he is supported like this in the game. Well, we think this was a much-needed reality check and important question by Salman Khan to Manu Punjabi. Don’t you think so?

To people who are not aware of the task, Manveer was the judge whereas Manu was Om Swami’s lawyer and Rohan Mehra was Gaurav Chopra’s lawyer who will work towards saving and releasing their clients. The duo had to put their argument and say that why their client needs to be released from the jail. Later judge Manveer was asked to give his final verdict about the housemate he would want to release giving reasons for the same. Of course, as Manu was fighting Om swami’s case, Manveer released Om Swami only for the sake of his friend while Gaurav was locked inside the jail.