Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: This Is The WHOPPING Final Winning Prize Money After The New Captaincy Task!


As earlier we revealed, Bigg Boss has introduced yet another interesting task of the week. Rohan Mehra and Monalisa are the jailers of the “Maalgadi” task and the rest are the prisoners.  The prisoners have been tied by chains during the task on a rail. There is certain prize money running on every prisoner that they are not aware of. Rohan and Monalisa, who are the jailers of the task, have decided particular prize money on every prisoner and so, only they know they are aware of the huge twist in the game.

Ever time when buzzer will ring, Rohan and Monalisa will release one of the prisoners, which mean the prize money allotted for that particular prisoner would be added to the winner’s prize money. The new twist in the game is, whoever is released by Rohan and Monalisa’s choice, can’t become the captaincy contender. And, if the prisoner is willing to become the captaincy contender, can unlock and come out of the prison. However, then the prize money on that prisoner will not be added to the winner’s prize money.

Well, what do think? Would housemates go for the captaincy task or think of earning prize money back to their original amount? We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, the housemates were quite successful in the task and you won’t believe how much the winning prize money has now turned into. CLICK NEXT TO READ!