Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Threatens To Shut The Bigg Boss Show


Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om swami has given many sleepless nights to the housemates since day 1 along with his partner in crime Priyanka Jagga, who is now out of the show. Swami Om has made personal remarks on the women and has also tried threatening the housemates. The troublemaker has done it all in last 10 weeks but despite that, he is surviving on the show like a boss. Is Om Swami helping to cash in big and raise the TRPs of the show? Is he in the house only to create havoc and spice up the content of the show? Only makers can answer better but before, we bring some exclusive behind the scene happenings that will leave you in a shock.

Om Swami, who had once again made an emergency exit from the show, has returned back with a bang. Before entering the house, you won’t believe what Om Swami did! We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, before entering Bigg Boss 10 house, Om Swami threatened to the makers. Wondering what he said to the Makers of the reality show? CLICK NEXT TO READ!