Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: These Two Hottest Stars Will Enter The House To Spread Love!


This week of Bigg Boss 10 was another traumatic one after troublemaker Om Swami threw his pee on Rohan Mehra and VJ Bani. Om Swami stooped to a new low and the incident left the whole house shaken. The makers immediately took a drastic step of throwing him outside the house. This was the only fair decision that makers could take for the housemates. Well, now Om Swami is out of the show for better and so to enlighten the mood of the housemates, the makers are in with an early surprise.

As earlier we revealed, Bigg Boss 10 Weekend ka Vaar with Salman Khan is happening tonight at 10:30 PM. You read that right! Get excited as Salman Khan is in with an early treat for the viewers as well for the housemates. That’s not all, we EXCLUSIVELY reveal, this time the actor will bring two amazing stars along with him. Any guesses who are they? CLICK NEXT TO KNOW!