Former Bigg Boss Contestant VJ Bani’s Intense 120 KG Weight Lifting Video Is Insane!

Former Bigg Boss Contestant VJ Bani's Intense 120 KG Weight Lifting Video Is Insane!

VJ Bani put out a post on her Instagram account that sees her lifting heavy weights

Former Bigg Boss contestant VJ Bani has transformed herself into a muscular goddess. The badas* Roadie is seen spending much of her time at the gym than with her pals and family. Her trendsetting piercing and a lot of tattoos on the body have always grabbed the attention. But this time, her workout videos are leaving us insane as well as inspired. You definitely can’t miss her hot abs and muscles.

Do you think getting into that sculpted look was a cakewalk for her? Well, not really, and this video of her weight lifting 120 kg is a proof. VJ Bani shared a video of her lifting 120 kg reps during her 6th and last set of the leg workout. The inspirational lady is seen lifting weights in the gym, which is usually considered out of reach for women.

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Bani captioned the video as, “Just out here lifting some heavy a*s weights.. Attempted 120 in my 6th and last set of my leg workout today. Just felt solid enough to keep adding weight. Started with 50kgs and worked my way up as follows.
12reps @50
10reps @70
6 reps @90
3 reps @100
1 rep @120
I also maxed upto 11 reps at 100kgs on the Glute bridge right before the deads so I’m happy. Lol.”

That really looks like a piece of cake for VJ Bani but we all know the fact that it’s quite difficult to do. There is no denying Bani has become an inspiration to many women out there who are aiming to have a physique like her but are bounded by societal stereotypes. VJ Bani, who became the first runner of Bigg Boss 10, never misses her workout regime and follows a strict diet.

Check out some videos of VJ Bani working out in the gym that will get you motivated for a fitter you.


Pretty much cried on the inside all throughout my workout today and not just because it was challenging – thanks @mustafa_max84 – but because sometimes people just causally walk into your life and say the most honest & sweet things restoring your faith in all of humanity in just a nano second. So here’s a snippet of me quietly pushing myself while really wanting to fucking bawl my eyes out. I guess that makes me hardcore and a real softy at the same damn time ??‍♀️?? __________________________________________________ #emomofo #stillgonnatrainthroughit #thankstothose36″arms #faithrestored #trainthroughitall #everyday #everyemotion #imbasicallyasoftywithabs #cholesterolfree #gmofree #justgimmesomesweetpotatofriesandimset #whowantssome #toomany

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Meanwhile, catch an adorable Bommerang video of VJ Bani with boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur. The two are giving us real couple goals.

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