OH NO! Everything’s Not Ok Between Bani J And Boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur?


Bani J, who recently ended her Bigg Boss 10 journey is now back home. She was recently seen having lunch with her best buddy and fellow contestant Gaurav Chopra. But we were waiting for her to meet her rumored boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur since we saw her missing him a lot in the Bigg Boss house.

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But we were shocked to see Yuvraj‘s post and it seems as if everything’s not well between the duo. Yuvraj took to her Instagram account and posted something which described his feelings at the present. He wrote, “I sought myself in you only to find that how incomplete I am. So I kept seeking myself in you till the point where I completely lost myself into you and you completely gave away all of you.

But is it true?

That I never loved you?

I just sought myself in you,

If I loved, then it wouldn’t have been about ‘the seeking’ and it wouldn’t have been about me,

it wouldn’t have been about you either!

It would just be about love

No seeking, no me and no you!

That’s such a sad news indeed!

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