Bigg Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar’s Friend Monalisa Speaks Up About His Wedding!


Manveer Gurjar, the Indiawaala who turned superstar after winning the title of Bigg Boss 10 is all over the internet. The Gurjar Boy is from Agahpur, Noida and has finally returned back home. But what surprised everyone was the reality of this man. There were pictures and video of him in a ‘dulhe raaja’ avatar which has shocked everyone out. Have you checked out his video?

And now Bigg Boss 10 contestant Mona Lisa who shared a friendly relationship with the winner of the show has now given her views on the matter and said, “No, he never mentioned about being married and a father to me. This news is surprising as I was one of his best friends and he never hid stuff from me. But he did say that he ran away from his wedding. This is what he told the makers in his audition tape. He did not reveal the exact reasons but he did run away from the mandap. He did not wish to marry and just escaped from there.”

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Manveer‘s mother also opened up on the matter and said that the news reports of his son’s marriage are false and his son’s marriage will happen with great pomp and show. There were also rumors which stated that Manveer even has a three-year-old daughter named, “Vibhisha“.

We are waiting for Manveer to say something on the matter.

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