Oops! South Industry Superstar Surya Is In Legal Trouble

Suriya-legaltrouble[tps_footer]We are used to getting weird, shocking, disturbing, annoying news of legal trouble, divorces, break-ups, suicides, and so much more from the year 2016. So one more news of legal trouble will not blow our minds but this time, it’s our dear Saravanan Sivakumar a.k.a Surya who is caught in a legal mess. It’s very unpleasant to know, Tamil Film Industry’s superstar Surya in going through a legal issue for allegedly slapping a youth. A complaint has been registered against him and the youth named Premkumar has filed a complaint at the Shastri Nagar police station and an FIR is yet to be registered in this matter, unfortunately, things can get too nasty if Surya won’t take the right legal help and follow the procedure. But, let’s know what has happened.


It’s said that Premkumar is a first division football player and he was travelling on a bike along with his friend. Suddenly a car stopped in front of them and they lost control which made them slam into the rear end of the car. The person who was driving this car is a woman and it’s said she got out of her car and started scolding at the youth for damaging her car and the youth blamed her for rash driving. Now, Surya comes into the picture because he said these two youngsters were manhandling the woman and were fighting with her which made Surya lose his cool and he intervened but Premkumar said that Surya slapped him and an assault case must get registered against Surya. On the other side, Surya denies getting into a physical fight, he said he was just trying to solve the matter because these two youngster were bitterly fighting with the lady.


Now who is right and who is wrong will be decided by the authorities but if Surya didn’t raise his hands then he is innocent and a gentleman who tried to stand by a lady in trouble and if he has slapped a youth then, this will put him in a big trouble. Sometimes our actors get carried away in order to show Heropanti off screen too but one needs to be very careful to know about the consequences of their actions too.[/tps_footer]

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