Salman Khan Takes A Dig At Himself On His Jail Experience!


Bigg Boss 10 star host Salman Khan has a witty sense of humour and makes sure that he entertains his fans at his best. He is jovial, witty and really has a good sense of humour and the same was seen tonight on Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar episode. In fact, this time Salman took a dig at himself on not on contestants.

While interacting with the housemates, Salman takes a round-up of the previous week and asked about their experience. Salman even asked celebrity contestant Monalisa about her experience on being inside the jail. Before Monalisa could react, Salman Khan said, “by the way my experience was not good.”

Yes, Salman indirectly hinted about himself. As we all know the actor has been in the jail when he was arrested in the Black Buck hunting case in 1998. He has been in the jail couple of times for his cases and well, being the biggest actor Salman did not hesitate to speak about it.

Coming to Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar episode, Salman took the class of every housemate. From Swamiji to Mannu to Priyanka Jagga, Salman did not spare anyone. Swamiji and Priyanka Jagga were badly slammed by Salman for their ridiculous behavior throughout the week inside the house.