This Video Of Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Swamiji Slapping A Woman On TV Is Going Viral!


This season of Bigg Boss with star host Salman Khan is going to be amazing with commoners battling out with celebrities for the prize. Well, the commoners who have entered the house are not really renowned but now they will be discussed everywhere and anywhere, as Bigg Boss aims to make the careers of the participants. One of the commoners, who has grabbed all the limelight, is self-made religious and social, Swamiji. The 59-year-old Om Swami has already irritated the contestants of the show with his useless blabber. Yes, Swamiji is going to be a pain for everyone in the house and this is evident since he made his first appearance on Bigg Boss 10 stage.

Now a video of him slapping a woman on TV is going viral. We have come across a video of him physically abusing a woman on live TV news debate. Self-made Swamiji, who says that he wants to make the world better to live in, lost his cool and made some personal remarks about a woman during a live debate. Their fight was not only verbal; the two even slapped each other, leaving viewers shocked. The entire debate on “Radhe Maa” took a nasty turn when two of the guests ended up having a brawl. This incident took place in September 2015.

Well, with this kind of attitude and respect towards the women of the country, Swamiji is going to create a riot inside Bigg Boss 10 house. In fact, he has already started making personal remarks and is trying to get closer to the female contestants of the show.