Christina Aguilera Reveals About Exploitation In The Showbiz And At ‘Home’

[tps_footer]Every day we come across different and ugly truths about the showbiz. Both, Hollywood and Bollywood and every other part related to the entertainment world faces a lot of exploitations in the hands of a few powerful position holders in the business. But, if we don’t tolerate such injustice and fight back with the odds we can overcome all the problems related to working in the showbiz. There are people who assume that a lot of wrong things are part and parcel of showbiz but there are many stars, celebrities who have come across bad incidents and people but they just knew how to focus, stay strong and rebel against the wrong happenings.


One such strong star is this talented singer Christina Aguilera and she revealed that in her earlier days the older men in the industry tried to take advantages out of Christina but couldn’t stop her from progressing and achieving new heights of success. That’s the spirit girl ! And, by the way, it’s not just showbiz where women face issues. Basically, in any part of this world who is safe ? Even children are not safe and as grown ups it’s our duty to make our society, workplace as friendly and safe as possible. It’s required and it needs a lot of attention and immediate actions. Good to know that stars like Kesha fight back after accusing Dr. Luke of raping and torturing her. And, even common people on a day to day basis come across nasty events but it’s important to stay strong and rebel against the injustice, avoid suffering in silence. It doesn’t help !


Christian Aguilera said, not just the showbiz as a child she faced a lot of physical abuse at home and she got her escape, happiness, career in music. She said, “The pain at home is where my love for music came from. You have to embrace darkness in order to find your light. With your darkness comes your insecurities and fears and some really bad moments, but it’s ok to cry to get through those hard times.”

Now, we surely love this girl’s spirit, courage to accept such things openly and that love for living life to the fullest. We wish you more success Christina Aguilera, you deserve more ![/tps_footer]

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