Amal Clooney And Her Much Talked About Thin Frame


Amal Clooney who is a multi tasker is receiving negative remarks recently for her extra thin frame. The celebrated lawyer who is always juggling with her professional commitments was recently in the limelight for her malnourished frame. The woman who is envied by many as her husband is none other than talent hunk George Clooney, shocked everyone with her weight loss.

There are many assumptions being made on the lawyer’s recent health frame some are citing work issues, some are citing personal pressures. If speculations are to be believed the over worked Amal now weighs just 50 kilos

However, there is no clarification on this by Amal or George Clooney. The highly famous lawyer married George Clooney in 2014. If rumours are to be sensed, the workaholic lawyer is juggling between her profession and personal commitments and the same has resulted in her thin frame. The American magazines have nonetheless pin pointed Amal Clooney for her body frame and have already started calling her names.

Well, Amal Clooney looks as gorgeous as before a little shift in weight here and there shouldn’t be a big thing!