Amber Heard: I Still Love Johnny Depp


[tps_footer]The divorce drama between Amber Heard and husband of 15 months, Johnny Depp just seems to be getting uglier by the day. What started out as a shocking divorce story ended up being a horrible mess when Heard claimed that Depp has abused her physically and that she had the marks to prove it. Eventually, Heard also obtained a restraining order citing domestic violence against Depp.

Well, when things escalate so much between partners, for most the love and affection that was there at the start certainly isn’t there anymore. However, Amber Heard is made of something else altogether. According to sources close to the actress, Amber Heard is not going to go ahead and file a police complain against her ex-husband as she did not want to bury his career and reputation.

She has vowed to report to the police especially since Depp and his team were accusing and slandering Heard’s name in the media. However, Amber has had a change of heart and will not be going to the police because she believes that it would hurt Depp. Amber apparently is still in love with Depp inspite of her allegations that he brutalized her on more occasions than one.

However, we wonder if this move of Amber’s is just a desperate attempt to redeem herself. According to sources close to Depp, the whole physical violence allegations from Amber were her pathetic attempt at hurting the success of ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ which has not done well in cinemas.

Bizzare? We think so too![/tps_footer]