Ang Lee’s Oscar Acceptance Speech Ends With A ‘Namaste’!


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LOS ANGELES: Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee surprised everyone on Sunday night, when he picked up a coveted gold statuette for Best Director at the 85th Annual Academy Awards here in L.A.

The humble filmmaker was overjoyed at his second Oscar, for his India-inspired film ‘Life of Pi’ based on the novel by Yann Martel. ‘Life of Pi’ won big at the Oscars, also sweeping the Best Original Score, Best Cinematography and Visual Effects awards.

Ang was ever the picture of grace as he took to the stage to give an unforgettable acceptance speech, which covered everything from a “movie God” to India. “Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, movie god! I really need to share this with all 3,000: Everybody who worked with me on Life of Pi. I want to thank you for… I really want to thank you for believing in this story and share this incredible journey with me.”

Lee also alluded to Indian actor Suraj Sharma as a “miracle”, when he said, “I need to to thank Yann Martel for writing this incredible, inspiring book. Wonderful cast. Suraj, where are you? You’re a miracle. He’s playing the young Pi, carrying the movie. Every one of you in the cast. I cannot waste this time talking about them. You’re the golden statue in my heart.”

He also stuck firmly to his roots, and thanked his home country Taiwan, while also thanking his Indian team. “I cannot make this movie with the help of Taiwan. We shot there. I want to thank everybody there helped us. My Indian crew, I love you. My Canadian crew, I love you. My family in Taiwan. My wife, Jane Lin.”

The speech turned funny and sincere, when he said, “Finally, I thank my agent, Carin Sage and lawyer, Ira Schreck, and Joe Dapello, I have to do that. Especially for this movie, it’s great to have your support. Thank you, Academy. Xie xie, namaste.”