Batman Christian Bale Turns Moses

exodus - 03[tps_footer]Ridley Scott, the acclaimed director of Gladiator, Prometheus and others, recently released the first look of his upcoming war drama Exodus: Gods and Kings. Eversince then, the twitter has gone berserk over it.

An account of Moses contribution in the exodus of Israeliite Slaves from Egypt, the trailer and posters of the film have garnered a great response.

What is more interesting is the man who plays Moses in the film. It is none other than our favourite Batman Christian Bale. In the garb of Moses, he looks fascinating and apt for the part. But it is Joel Edgarton as the mighty Pharoah Ramses who is unrecognizable in his look. Shaved head, clad in gold and heavy eye lined make up, Joel seems like a man from biblical times.

You can expect Ridley Scott to do full justice to this Old Testament story of Moses as he has already presented us with grand sword battle scenes in Gladiator. He is pretty equipped with visual effects as well with Prometheus. So Exodus might not disappoint us at all.

Complete with biblical plagues and blood-red Nile, the film looks gallant and we hope it performs the same way too. It has saved the December 12, 2014 date for release.


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