BBC Sued By Grand Theft Auto Firm


Grand-Theft-autoBBC has landed in some serious infringement legal issues over their film currently titled Game Changer. The film stars Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe playing the character of Sam Houser the man behind the popular gaming series and Bill Paxtonwho plays Jack Thompson a stringent lawyer.

The movie centers on the issue of violence caused by the gaming series. It’s a legal clash between a US Lawyer, Jack Thompson who wants to ban the violent gaming series and the firm which is the mastermind behind the popular computer game.

Rockstar Games who are the official makers of the game Grand Theft Auto have filed a legal suit against BBC over the film Game Changer citing infringement issues. Take Two Interactive which is the parent company of the same has filed the case against the film Game Changer as it claims similarities to their popular gaming series Grand Theft Auto.

The game Grand Theft Auto fondly called GTA is already a hit all over the globe it was also involved in a controversy when the game was linked to criminal behavior in teens and children. The game allows the player to behave as criminals and break laws and norms. The game also facilitates the player to steal and thus the controversy.

Whereas the movie Game Changer is more of a legal battle between a game maker and a lawyer, Rockstar suggests that BBC has violated certain trademark infringement laws.

The movie Game Changer is written by James Wood and is already in its completion. The movie is slated to release later this year.