Ben Affleck Is The New Batman!

Ben Affleck will don the cowl and cape of Batman for the untitled 'Man Of Steel' sequel which will feature Batman versus Superman.


LOS ANGELES: The world now knows who will face Henry Cavill’s Superman in the sequel to ‘Man Of Steel’. Ace director and actor Ben Affleck will play Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

‘Man Of Steel’ released this summer to a huge opening and is said to build towards a Justice League film just like Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’ built towards ‘The Avengers’.

It is interesting to know that Ben Affleck has portrayed a superhero earlier in the film ‘Daredevil’. He has also portrayed George Reeves’ life and his portrayal of Superman in the film ‘Hollywoodland’. So Ben Affleck is not exactly a stranger to superhero activities.

Ben Affleck has been enjoying a nice time in Hollywood. His film ‘Argo’ won the Oscar for the Best Film in February. Meanwhile, he is currently acting in David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’, while he also gets ready his next directorial effort ‘Live By Night’.

Zack Snyder will be back to direct the as-yet untitled ‘Man Of Steel’ sequel, which will take ahead the story of Superman and Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams), with the addition of Ben Affleck’s Batman. Wonder which other Batman characters we will see. Will we see Alfred or Catwoman?

The film, sure to be a blockbuster, will release in the peak summer season on 17 July, 2015.

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