Best Hilarious Hindi Version Of Hollywood Film Titles

Featured-Bollywood-HollywoodA title can do wonders or disaster for a film. We have laughed our guts out watching foreign or non Bollywood film translated in Hindi. It always does it. Hits the right spot and makes us go wild with laughter. Well, equally the very tragic and yet funny Hindi translated posters of these Hollywood films will leave you laughing for ages. Don’t believe us? Take a look! Here’s the list of Best Hilarious Hindi Version Of Hollywood Film Titles.

Hollywood-Funny-003         Furious 7 

Furious 7 is smashing all the records at the Box Office in India. Audiences shed a lot of tears after watching late Paul Walker‘s final performance in the film. Well, get hold of a tissue paper because after reading Furious 7‘s Hindi poster, you’ll cry again. The poster of Furious 7‘s Hindi dubbed film reads ‘Raftaar Ka Junoon’.

Hollywood-Funny-002322Resident Evil 

The poster of Resident Evil’s Hindi dubbed version is far off the hook. They have titled it ‘Maut Ka Bulawa’. Maybe because the literal translation of the film’s title would have sounded like a typical Bollywood horror film directed by Ram Gopal Varma. But ‘Maut Ka Bulawa’, seriously?

Hollywood-Funny-005Iron Man 3 

The title of Iron Man 3‘s Hindi dubbed film is way too hilarious to miss out. They translated every single word. ‘Fauladi Rakshak’ is just the beginning. The line below it makes it all the more literal and eye popping.

Hollywood-Funny-00222The Avengers 

This one will get you for good. We don’t understand why Bollywood even tries? Why not just let the title be what it is and not mess with it? The title of Hindi dubbed version of The Avengers doesn’t even relates to the film. The title reads, ‘Angare Bane Sholay’. Seriously? Just.. why?! Hollywood-Funny-00233Captain America, The WinterSoldier 

This one will not only shock you but Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan, Salman Khan. After all, another hero is being called Dabangg! Yes, the Hindi title of this film is ‘Captain America, Maha Dabangg‘. Why are they giving away title of our Bollywood celebrities and movie names so easily to each ad everyone? Hollywood-Funny-00933Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides

The Hindi title of Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides is a mystery in itself. Yes, the title of the very famous Hollywood film is ‘Samundar Ke Lootere Ek Anjan Rahasya’. WHY! Just… Why would you do that?! We are glad that he didn’t use the very intense translation of Pirate and used the words ‘Samundari Daku’ instead.

Hollywood-Funny-007The Incredible Hulk 

People, meet ‘Mahabali Hulk’! Yes, that’s the title of Hindi dubbed version of Hollywood film The Incredible Hulk. Whenever Bruce Banner sees this poster, he loses it, turns into Hulk and starts smashing things.  Hollywood-Funny-009Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows 

We saw a lot of hilarious Hindi version posters of Harry Potter series but the one that really made us laugh out loud for ages was the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows‘ poster which read, ‘Harry Potter And Maut Ke Toffe’. Toffe? (which means Gifts, presents and etc) seriously! Hollywood-Funny-00912Mr & Mrs Smith 

So Smith translates to Sharma in Hindi, really? The people who translated Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s Mr & Mrs Smith didn’t realize that the actors are not actually Indians and  just translated it to Mr & Mrs Smith. Applauds for them!


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