Justin Bieber SUED: Did He Steal The Sorry Vocal Riffs?

Justin-Bieber-[tps_footer]Justin Bieber seems to have had his share of bad luck right from his break-up with Selena Gomez to the other rumours he has been entrenched in recently. However, when he took a beach vacation with friends and partied till a nasty sunburn slowed him down, we thought things were improving for the Canadian singer. Then when he was spotted on a date with ‘The Last Airbender’ actress Nicola Peltz, we assumed that he had finally caught a break. Sadly, luck hasn’t been shinning on the lad who is in the midst of his ‘Purpose World Tour’ right now!

Unfortunately after a brief period of sunshine, the heavens are pouring down on him again. Recently, he was sued by Casey Dienel, an indie artist who goes by the stage name White Hinterland. She claims that the singer stole a vocal rift from her song “Ring the Bell” and that he used it in his hit song “Sorry“. According to her, Bieber is not the only one responsible and that producer Skrillex too has a part to play in using an identical riff without her permission.

The lawsuit against the duo has been filed in Nashville and also named Universal Music Group as a defendant for the case. According to the indie artist, apart from the riff, the song also has similarities when it comes to synthesizers, samples, synth bass, drums and percussion. For those who are wondering if Casey tried taking the more direct approach first before suing the singer, she did. Apparently Casey tried to reach out to Selena Gomez’s ex but she was ignored by him.

She is demanding unspecified damages, including profits from “Sorry,” which has been viewed over a million times on YouTube.[/tps_footer]


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