Bill Cosby Appeal Is Denied But A Relief From Two Sexual Assault Cases

[tps_footer]Bill Cosby is an American actor, stand-up comedian, author and one of the most controversial celebrity of this planet. He started with his Television show “The Cosby Show” and made a place for himself in the hearts of his audiences who rolled out laughing at his jokes and many looked at him as a “friend”, a family man but now it’s devastating to see someone like him to fall in the eyes of people by so many cases filed against him.


Bill Cosby has been facing several defamation cases around the country from more than 50 women who claimed that Cosby had drugged and sexually assaulted them over the decades, the case involving former Temple University employee Andrea Constand is the only criminal charges faced by the once beloved 78-year old actor-comedian, Bill Cosby. If convicted, Cosby could get up to 10 years in prison and pay a $25,000 fine.

He has been trying every way to get out all these cases but his recent appeal to dismiss criminal trial but he got the answer from Judge Steven O’Neill, “It is hereby ordered and decreed that the motion is denied,” in Pennsylvania. Prosecutors last year charged Cosby with sexually assaulting Constand, a former basketball coach at Temple University, just days before the statue of limitations to bring charges ran out. A popular daily had reported that Cosby‘s attorneys have repeatedly accused the defendants of breaching an agreement in a previous civil suit brought by Constand over the alleged sexual assault, which was resolved out of court with a confidential settlement. Due to which, the Prosecutors in Los Angeles County, last month had decided not to charge Cosby over these two alleged cases of sexual assault of 1965 and 2008.


He has relief only for two cases and the sexual assault case trial will take place against him. It’s difficult to know what will be the result of this. But a hard hitting example for all those Celebs and people sitting on higher positions, who think they can get away with anything and get carried away with success and money. And now for alleged two false cases against Bill Cosby, he has decided to sue them back for acussing him after a outside court settlement by “breaching the contract”.[/tps_footer]

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