Brad Pitt’s Bachelor Party


Los Angeles: Brad Pitt has been in the news a lot lately. From gifting lingerie to Angelina Jolie or making an appearance with her post her double mastectomy or going out and out promoting his latest film, ‘World War Z’, the star hasn’t had a moment of rest. 


With schedules taking a toll on Brad Pitt’s health, the actor is all set to go and party hard. The actor however has sought Angelina Jolie’s permission to unwind and the actress has given her nod.

With Jolie’s permission, Brad Pitt is all set to go on a booze spree with his male friends in France and Italy. The actor already has spent some time in Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen’s luxurious home along with good friends and U2 stars Bono and Larry Mullen.

In Italy, Brad Pitt used fellow star George Clooney’s famous Lake Como villa while he was filming in England.

Looks like Brad Pitt is on a bachelor outing until he ties knot with Angelina Jolie, sometime later this year. With this party on for a week, we hope it doesn’t end up like another ‘Hangover’ just before the wedding.