Charlize Theron And Angelina Jolie To Show Girl Power In Captain Marvel

Hollywood’s two most bad*ss action heroines, Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron have reportedly lined up for the next major Marvel movie adapted from comic Captain Marvel also known as Carol Denvers. The two leading ladies who were said to be archenemies are reportedly being eyed for the female centric film, which will be the twentieth film to be released by Marvel Studios for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After attracting lot of criticism for making the character ‘Black Widow’ the only important female superhero the Marvel team has decided to cope up with its female action hero films that are lagging behind. Slated to come out by 2018, Captain Marvel will be the first major female superhero film under Marvel’s banner.

According to close sources the two ladies recently gelled up very well given to their partners’ close bond. Sean Penn who is dating Charlize Theron happens to be a close pal of Angelina’s hubby Brad Pitt. The duo thus became close over the time and if the churning rumour mills are to be trusted, Theron’s nod to the Marvel flick will attract Jolie’s attention to it as well.

Reportedly the Mad Max: Fury Road actress has been a fan favourite for the role of Carol Danvers. Hence Marvel is eyeing to rope in the actress to play the lead role and Jolie is apparently being approached to be the director. The Maleficent actress has directed films like By the Sea, In the Land of Blood and Honey and Unbroken.

Charlize Theron made a striking appearance at Cannes 2015 premiere of her film Mad Max: Fury Road which is an apocalyptic story based in the stark desert landscape where humanity has ceased to exist and the people have gone crazy due to its aftereffects. The film shows Furiosa played by actress Charlize Theron as a woman of action and someone who believes that there’s a chance of survival if they can make it across the desert and get back to her homeland. In the process she along with Max save a lot of young girls who have been captured by a cruel man and treated like a property.

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