Check Out New Tattoos Of Zayn Malik !

Zayan-Malik Zayan-Malik-1 Zayan-Malik-2[tps_footer]Artists keep making changes with their looks and work to keep themselves fresh from the everyday look and also offer something new for audiences to watch. Since, the time Zayn Malik has decided go work on his single album and career in music industry, this young charmer is leaving no stone unturned to surprise his audiences with his new looks.


Remember Zayn had streaks of pink hair previously and that was bold enough for a guy to sport pink dyed hair and he carried this look easily. Now, he has shaved his head. It’s like a 0 cut look. And before this, he sported bleached blonde hair look and black beard. This guy has very different ideas of styling himself, this reminds us of Amitabh Bachchan sporting black dyed hair and white French Cut beard which started the trend of French cut beards look, just like the way Big B‘s 90’s long hairstyle was the rage.


Other than the new haircut, Zayn has also revealed three new tattoos. One of his tattoos has the word mom used, which we taught he has dedicated one tattoo to his mother by inking it but it’s not that, “M.O.M” tattoo has the initials of his first solo album’s name “Mind Of Mine”. And another tattoo is the logo of One Direction band. He has left his successful band last year and has moved on with his own independent career but he still has attachment with his team mates and the band, so he has inked the logo forever. That’s sooo sweet !

Plus, he also got two tattoos on his neck. Now Zayn has another bird on the left side while on the right he got new body ink that can be seen in music video producer Nabil Elderkin‘s Instagram photo. We recently shared with you all the tracklist of Zayn Malik‘s first solo new album and we will keep informing you everything related to this young, gorgeous and amazing talented singer.

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