Confirmed: Game Of Thrones Seasons 7 And 8 To Be Shorter


[tps_footer]Game Of Thrones fans are already waiting with bated breath for the upcoming seasons. The season 6 finale was a shocker by all means and the masses are still talking about the same. The fantasy drama which is set in the fictional kingdoms is the most watched series of all times.

From its characters to its dialogues, fans cannot get over Game Of Thrones aka GoT. A new update has come for the upcoming seasons. Co-Creators of this massive show David Benioff and D.B.Weiss have claimed that the upcoming seasons 7 and 8 will be shorter than any seasons.

The Season 7 and Season 8 which will conclude this tricky series will be shorter than all the previous ones.  The co-creators shared that every season has had 10 episodes but the two upcoming ones might have seven or eight episodes. Because the series is now going to conclude it might also move at a fast pace.

The episodes of these upcoming seasons will have a beginning, middle and an end too. After the finale of season 6 everything is coming to conclusion. From Daenerys coming to Westeros to Jon Snow being the King of the North and Cersei heading the Iron Throne, the series is marching towards an end.

The makers of Game of Thrones do not want to prolong the saga just because a lot of people watch it![/tps_footer]


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