Guess Which Bollywood Diva Is Hanging Out With Justin Bieber And 50 Cent?


Sophie-justin-50cent[tps_footer]Don’t we all get excited when we see our favorite celebrities from Bollywood, Television industry around us? That moment is magical and it can leave you star struck when your much-loved star is ready to take a selfie with you and makes you feel special. But, not everyone can get this lucky as much as our Bollywood’s diva Sophie Choudhry because just like other stars are going out of Mumbai to kill the summer heat and at the same time enjoy holidaying in new places, Sophie followed the trend of holidaying and headed for a fun-filled vacation in Monaco to watch the Grand Prix and unexpectedly she bumped into International singing sensation Justin Bieber and Lewis Hamilton, this meeting was not planned but it happened. Cherry on the cake, while partying in the club Justin Bieber decided to lip-sync to his smashing hit song Sorry and here’s the video,


Party and the story don’t end here, Sophie has made more efforts to make us envy her because she has posted another video where we can see Justin Bieber and Candy Shop rapper 50 Cent performing together. What can be greater than this? You go for a holiday and suddenly you come across your favorite stars and the holiday turns out to be a rocking concert just for you. We are happy for Sophie to get so much than just a holiday but this is just too much to take, Justin Bieber, Lewis Hamilton and 50 Cent all together under the same roof and the music, fun, rage, it’s beyond words. Check out this video of Justin and 50 Cent together and enjoy the fun.