Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Deletes Her Texts And Emails Every Night!


[tps_footer]Kim Kardashian is probably the single most important person for the growth and increasing popularity of reality shows across the globe. The way she shot to international fame is a story that has captivated millions. However, it is not an easy life that she leads. Considering how vulnerable her fame is, it goes without saying that she takes a lot of precaution to ensure her safety as well as that of her family.


In a recent interview, the 35 year old has confessed that she meticulously and regularly erases all of her email and text message conversations and interactions – every night! Yes, considering how much personal information her cell-phone carries, she is extra careful about her possessions and definitely is a big believer in deleting. The only communications that are safe from being deleted are those that have not yet been responded to, she added. Who knew that the Kardashian Queen was so organized?


We have to add that this simple task of deleting emails and texts is a very brilliant move by the diva. After all, there have been instances where celebrities have found their personal details, conversations and even inappropriate photos hacked into and shared online. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Carla Delevingne and Victoria Justice have been the targets of such hackers and their inappropriate photos have been leaked online.

In fact, Kim K is very conscious about her image and that is why she always takes care to look perfect whenever she steps out. Apparently, after she gave birth to North West who just turned 3 and 6 month old Saint West, she took care to wear clothes that would hide her weight gain. Well, that’s the price you pay for being a celebrity.[/tps_footer]